President: Rangarirai Chivasa

Secretary: Olga Kanyoka

Vice President: Takudzwa Karemba

Publicity Secretary: Faith Chingwena

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About Us

We are a youth led organisation that caters to the needs of the youth in the United Methodist Church. We are a vibrant organisation with young and ambitious members ranging from 12-35. As we are aligned to the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area, we stay in contact with the organisation leaders for ZEAC and ZWAC. The leadership serves a two-year term with guidance of 4 advisors who can serve a maximum of two terms. If you would like to get into contact with us please feel free to use the email address that we have provided on this page.

  • We presented two topics at the annual Bola conference in November 2018.the topics were Tackling the Exodus of UMYF to Other Churches and The Involvement Of The Youth In The Life Of The Church. Our Speakers were Rangarirai Chivasa, Tariro Dengezi, Sacha Chapuka and Faith Chingwena.
  • We held a successful Revival on 02/02/2019 in Coventry.
  • We had UMYF week from 4-10 March which was observed by all the locals in the U.K.
  • We held a successful Family Sports Gala on 15/06/2019.
  • We have established communication with our Australia/New Zealand counterparts, and we are looking forward to building healthy sustainable relations.
Upcoming Events
  • Central Charge UMYF all day revival on 4/08/2019
  • Organisation end of year conference on 10/08/2019.
  • South Charge have a Summer ball in September.
  • UMYF planning meeting on 28/09/2019.
  • South Charge have a Christmas by candlelight in November.
  • Central Charge have a ball in December.
United Methodist Church UK

BOLA Presentation

The involvement of youth in the life of the church

United Methodist Church UK

Tackling The Exodus Of UMYF To Other Churches

United Methodist Church UK

Youth Coordinator

United Methodist Church UK

BOLA Presentation

Youth Involvement

UMYF 2019-2020 Leadership

PresidentRangarirai Chivasa
Vice PresidentTakudzwa Karemba
SecretaryOlga Kanyoka
Publicity SecretaryFaith Chingwena
Finance ChairpersonShingirai Chabva
Associate Finance ChairpersonWadzanai Mhondoro
TreasurerTinotenda Murapa
Projects ChairpersonRuth Dhliwayo
Projects Associate ChairpersonTadiwa Karumazondo
Evangelism ChairpersonTinotenda Manuel
Evangelism Associate ChairpersonSacha Chapika
Recreation ChairpersonTendai Murapa
Recreation Associate ChairpersonAnesu Madondo
World Friendship ChairpersonRuvimbo Betsva
World Friendship Associate ChairpersonTinotenda Hokonya
Community Service ChairpersonChiedza Simango
Community Service Associate ChairpersonSamantha Makuwastine
ChoristerMwaita Manjiche
ChoristerWadzanai Mhondoro
ChoristerSharon Chapuka
ChoristerCharmaine Binga
South Charge PresidentShingirai Chabva
South Charge Vice PresidentTinotenda Hokonya
Central Charge PresidentRuth Dhliwayo
Central Charge Vice PresidentOlga Kanyoka
Midlands Charge PresidentFaith Chingwena
Midlands Charge Vice PresidentTariro Mutare
North Charge PresidentTadiwa Karimazondo
Scotland President Ruvarashe Mazhindu
Mother AdvisorMrs Mandeya
Mother AdvisorMrs Gwanzura
Father AdvisorMr Kanyoka
Father AdvisorMr Soko