Layleader : Mrs Munyaradzi

Vice Layleader : Mr Mataruka

Contact details


Pastor in Charge
Rev KM Marange

Service Times
13:00hrs – 15:00hrs

Ravensworth Methodist Church
Revensworth Rd, Bulwell, NG6 8FN, Nottingham

Our Church is on the corner of Stockton Street and Ravensworth Road just north of the centre of Bulwell. Bulwell Tram Stop, Bus Station, and Railway Station are all just a five-minute walk away. The church has its own car park.

About Us

United Methodist Church (UMC) Nottingham was started in 2003 with about 8 members, meeting at member’s house in Nottingham. In 2004 we joined Leicester as a preaching point. Later in 2004 we secured a place at the Baptist Church in Hyson Green and continued as a preaching point.


Nottingham Church was then accorded the local church status on the 01/01/2011. In May 2017 we moved to Ravensworth Methodist Church in Bulwell.

What to expect

Our weekly Sunday worship in Shona.
Bible Study
Praise And Worship
Main Service

Sermons or videos to share

content coming soon

Nottingham UMC Leadership 2019/2020:

Layleader: Mrs Munyaradzi
Vice Layleader: Mr Mataruka
Secretary: Ms Gunguwo
Vice: Mrs Mandebvu
CM Chair: Mrs Mateta
Vice: Ms Makanza
Finance Chair: Mrs Njagu
Vice: Mr Nhunzvi
Treasurer: Mr Kapumha
Finance Secretary: Mr Dziruni
Auditor: Mr Mujati
PAC Chair: Mrs Chingono
Vice: Mr Mvumi
Committee member: Miss T Munyaradzi

BOT Chair: Mr Zindi
Vice: Mrs Torevasei
Committee member: Miss Kapumha
Witnessing Chair: Mrs Mujati
Vice: Mrs Muzembe
Nurturing Chair: Mr Munyaradzi
Vice: Mrs Mandebvu
Outreach Chair: Mrs Mushangi
Vice: Mrs Mwenga
CYM Chair: Mrs Chigariro
Vice: Mrs Zungunde
Committee member: Miss Mhandu
Entertainment: Mrs Shasha, Mrs Mataruka, Mrs Kapumha, Mrs Tapomwa


MUMC Chair: Mr Njagu

Vice: Mr Munyaradzi


RRW Vice Chair: Mrs Kapumha


UMYF President: Miss Tinaye Munyaradzi

Vice Miss: Panashe Kapumha

Advisors: Mr Chapisa, Mrs Mujati

Section Leaders

Broxtowe/Hucknall: MrsZindi

Vice: Mrs Manyanya


Clifton Carlton: Mr Chagumaira

Vice: Mr Dziruni


Mansfield: Mrs Mandeya

Vice: Mr Nhunzvi


Bestwood: Mrs Mujati

Vice: Mrs Chingono


Derby: Mrs Mateura

Vice: Mr Nyakabau