Layleader : Ms Sarah Ng’anjo

Associate Lay leader : Mrs Rudo Chimera


Contact details


Pastor in Charge
Rev KM Marange

Service Times
13:00hrs – 15:30hrs

Park Methodist Church
Park Avenue North

The birth of Northampton UMC

A number of UMC members used to travel to Luton for worship. We had enough people at that time to make a section. In 2005, the section grew into a preaching point and the first few weeks of Sunday services took place at Rev B. Mukoyi home address. After 3 weeks the church moved to Caroline Chilsom School. (This became our home until 2009). At Caroline Chilsom the church grew in number and in spirit and within a few months the church became a local church.


We had 6 Sections that included Milton Keynes and Bedford sections.


RRW started to meet on Saturdays and MUMC and UMYF followed suit.
In 2008 we moved to The Academy in Western Favell for a year, but returned to Caroline Chilsom for another year before moving to Park Avenue Methodist Church (our current place of worship) in 2009.


In 2006 Rev Kenneth Marange was appointed by the Bishop as the Pastor in church for Central Charge which Northampton falls under. We have also had the privilege of working with Rev TK Mapfeka who served as the DS and Pastor in Charge for Central Charge. We have had several Local Pastors who have served at Northampton UMC as assistant Pastors and this has included , Pastors B. Vumbunu , Pastor K. Sengwayo and Pastor J. Makoni (all 3 served under the Leadership of Rev KM Marange and Rev TK Mapfeka).

The following have served as Local Church Layleaders :

2005- 2006 R. Marange & J. Bvumbe
2006-2007 J. Bvumbe & R. Marange
2008-2009 J. Nyakatawa & K.Chiimba
2009-2010 J. Nyakatawa & C.Chiimba
2010-2011 N. Mvere & L. Chinodzama
2011-2012 L. Chinodzama
2012-2013 A.Makuwatsine & S. Nhenga
2013-2014 A.Makuwatsine & S. Nhenga
2014-2015 A.Makuwatsine & R.Mawema
2015-2016 A.Makuwatsine & R.Mawema
2016-2017 R. Marange & L. Dokwani
2017-2018 R. Marange & L. Dokwani
2019-2020 S. Ng’anjo & R. Chimera


We have been known throughout the UK Mission Area as a vibrant Local
Church with a strong praise and worship team that were the first in the UK Mission
Area to use musical instruments as part of our Sunday worship. Our RRW
Choir have carried on with the spirit of vibrancy and have performed really well in
Music Festival at Mission Area Level. We hope to have RRW, MUMC, UMYF and
Main Church Choirs all taking part in the 2019 Music Festivals.

What to expect

Vibrant worship and a warm welcome.

News & Events

Harvest Day 28/07/2019