United Methodist Church UK

Welcome everyone to the United Methodist Church in the UK. If you are looking for a place to worship God, a place to fellowship with other Christians, a place to share testimonies, joys and sorrows in order to encourage one another, then you have found the right place. The UMC in UK has a special motto which is open hearts, open minds and open doors to everyone regardless of colour, race or social status. Everyone is welcome to any of our churches here in the UK. As District Superintendent, I am proud to be leading this vibrant church which expresses God’s love through preaching the word of God, prayerfully and heartfelt giving to the needy, radical hospitality to visitors and the communities surrounding us. It is our greatest joy to receive new people who are seeking God and have a need to worship Him.

You are all welcome!!!!!!!!!!

United Methodist Church UK

The Local Church

The local church is the congregational place of worship, where United Methodist members and probationers are nurtured.

The Charge United Methodist Church UK

The Charge

A Charge is a group of local churches, served by a team of Local Preachers, Local Pastors and a Senior Ordained Pastor.

The Mission Area United Methodist Church UK

The Mission Area Conference

The United Methodist UK Mission Area is a group of all Local Churches in United Kingdom , Scotland and Republic of Ireland.

The Church exists to increase awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s love

It is important to recognise publicly a growth in your maturity as a committed Christian, and to witness to your faith, and for that to be affirmed. Confirmation does that and many denominations offer this rite. Confirmation is when you publicly confirm the promises that you made, or were made on your behalf (if you were baptised as a baby).

United Methodist Church believes that Holy Communion is itself a ‘means of grace’ which may well draw you on to make further commitment to Christ. Children also may receive Communion.

What happens inside our churches